Draft Forecast: Gil Brandt

Gil Brandt was a key player in many of the Dallas Cowboys' greatest drafts.

The interview circuit for Draft Daze continued with one of the draft’s most experienced evaluators, Gil Brandt. Brandt has been involved with the NFL Draft for more than 50 years now, starting his career with Tex Schramm and the L.A. Rams and continuing it through the Dallas Cowboys’ glory years, serving as vice president of player personnel for Dallas from 1960 – 1989. Brandt now works as a writer for NFL.com and also appears on Sirius NFL Radio.

Here are a few thoughts from Brandt on the upcoming draft. Everything else will appear in the book.

1. Brandt is high on Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Ryan Tannehill, the quarterback who converted from wide receiver before excelling as a signal caller at Texas A & M. Tannehill provides an interesting challenge for draft evaluators because he has a lot of ability, but not a lot of experience.

2. Matt Kalil and Riley Reiff, two highly-touted linemen, have impressed Brandt as well. But Brandt is also a fan of a two wide receiver prospects who are potential sleepers. He likes Chris Givens of Wake Forest and Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech to be potential playmakers in the NFL.

3. Brandt believes all the extra effort invested into the combine, the player workouts, and everything else have made a difference in terms of the draft. He believes the prolonged tryout and workout period allow the blue-chip players to rise to the top, while the rest fade into the later rounds. It’s a lot different than some of the early days he remembers, when teams might use a single phone call to determine a draft pick. Clearly, times have changed.

Many thanks to Brandt for the interview time as he prepared for a busy week filled with the myriad activties at the NFL Combine. Follow his work on NFL.com and listen for him on Sirius NFL Radio. 


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