The Book


Three days. Seven rounds. More than 220 picks.

Most sane people watch the NFL Draft for selfish reasons, tuning in every few hours to see the newest players picked by their favorite team. But what if one guy decided to watch the whole thing? Would he even have the attention span to do it? Would he lose interest in Round Three? Would hunger pains and bathroom breaks derail his plans? Is there even anyone crazy enough to try such a thing?

That’s where I come in. In the book Draft Daze: One Man’s Quest to Process the Coverage, Characters, and Every Single Pick of the NFL Draft, I will not only watch every pick of the 2012 Draft, but I’ll dig even deeper, exploring some of the personalities and policies that have transformed the event.

What started as  a mere personnel acquisition process in 1936 has grown into a televised monster, a prime-time phemonenon that reaches about 42 million viewers.

Some of them may only watch for a minute. I’ll be watching the whole thing.

And you’ll get to hear my story.

Draft Daze was released in 2013. You can buy it here.


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